Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My first school

In April, 1949, the Des Moines Register Sunday supplement featured Skinner School (my first school) as an example of how the "little red school house" had gone modern.  That rather sad-looking five-year-old in the green-and-yellow dress in the right-hand row, next to the back seat, is me.

Here's the outside of the school.  Looking at these pictures brings back more memories than you can imagine!

Back to the present, we got lots of rain and thunderstorms yesterday and last night.  I'd look west toward Kansas City and think it was clearing... and then another round would start!  Of course when I'm at work I have no idea what the weather is like outside, except on my two twenty-minute breaks, when I can look out a window.  And on days like yesterday, when you can hear thunder rolling outside.  I used to get depressed on rainy days, but now I rather enjoy them.  Wow, I hear thunder in the distance even now!


bnanajm said...

Now that I have the scanner working I just might copy you and add my kindergarten picture to an entry.  Wonder what happened....I was a real cutie as a child.

I am really enjoing reading and seeing all your momentos.  Keep it up.



csandhollow said...

Nobody looked very happy. Must have been test day!