Saturday, August 7, 2004

John Scalzi's weekend assignment

Weekend Assignment #18: You have to get a tattoo. Explain what image you would choose and why -- and where you would put it.

Well now, I despise tattoos; I simply find them unattractive.  But if I were forced to get one, I'd probably choose a butterfly and have it put on the small of my back, where nobody would ever see it but Cliff.  Or perhaps a chrysanthemum, since I once wrote a song called, "I'm A Chrysanthemum".

"I'm a chrysanthemum, I didn't bloom till fall... but now that it's my time to bloom, I'm gonna give my all; I'm a chrysanthemum, I'm just a little slow.  But I know that Jesus, in His love, will give me time to grow." 


csandhollow said...

I guess if I MUST get one it will be a dot.LOL I like the song.

bnanajm said...

My favorite song written by you  :o)

As for the tatoo......either a very small rose, with a stem in my cleavage, or a butterfly on my ankle, on the outside.  I have always wanted one, but was always too scared.  Now I'm too old.  LOL