Wednesday, August 25, 2004

just rambling

The older I get, the more I think adults act like children.  The years I stayed home raising  children (and later, calves) I forgot how cruel and spiteful people can be.  Four years of working at a job out in the real world serves to remind me.

I have a co-worker who is, for the most part, hated by everyone.  Now, I'll grant you she's not the fastest worker in the place, but she's far from the slowest, too.  Let's call her "Shirley", since there's nobody by that name in my department.  She's one of those people who, just by speaking, seems to get on one's nerves.  However, she doesn't have a clue that she strikes people this way, and she truly can't help it. 

Yesterday my supervisor teamed Shirley up with two of the most spiteful people in the building.  Shirley said to me, "I have to work with two people who hate me."

I thought, "You poor thing, it'd be hard to find someone around here who doesn't."

Toward the end of the day, Shirley and her team-mates got done with their job, and she approached me (I had worked alone all day).  "Chris said to find someone to help for the rest of the day; are you working alone?"

"Sure," I said.  "Open those boxes and then go split the mod for two people."

We finished up the day together.  Standing in line at the time clock, another co-worker said, "I'm sorry you got stuck with Shirley."

"I have no problem with her," I replied.  "I feel sorry for her because everybody hates her; I remember times when I was the little girl nobody liked."

End of conversation.

Mandy is asleep with her head on my foot as I type.  She's starting to understand "heel" and "sit".  It's awfully hard for her to restrain herself from jumping up on me, but I think this is mainly because the neighborhood boys encourage her all day long to jump on them.  However, this dog is smart enough that I believe she'll figure out who she can jump on with impunity.  She seems to be entirely housebroken now.  She will whine at the door, and if I ignore her, she gets louder and louder until I respond.  I believe it was Celeste who said I had better get Mandy used to baths, if she is going to be an inside-outside dog.  Boy, was she right!  Today my pup will get her booster shots, and as soon as I have $90 to spare, she will be spayed.  She's worth every penny spent on her.


bnanajm said...

I'm so glad to see Mandy worming her way into your heart and household.  Pets give such unconditional love.  As you know I truly love my three cats and each one is different.


janothy said...

I remember times when I was the girl no one liked, also.  It's good to see that you remember that.  I also take to the ones every =one has problems with, then wonder why on earth do they not like her??  It is tough.  Why does the world have to be so full of hate???


csandhollow said...

I remember being that person too, the one not liked.