Monday, August 23, 2004

more on the winery

When we arrived at Tim's yesterday, migrant workers were picking the Seyval grapes.  Monica and Natalie, of course, had to taste the product.

That's Tim, the owner of the vineyard, with them.  When the guys hauled the grapes to the shed, their first destination is the de-stemmer.  Notice the stems at the lower left.


Next they go to the press (nope, they don't have lovely ladies stomp them any more, like Lucille Ball on the old "I Love Lucy" show).

Here's a peek inside the press:

The juice goes to be chilled....

Here are some onlookers standing by the cooling tank:

Below is a holding tank with last year's grapes, almost wine now; that tag you see tells what's in the tank, as well as the last date when anything was done to it (8-6-04   Guiseppe  60 gallons).


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