Monday, August 2, 2004

too much heat, lots of tomatoes

The heat index must be awful.  Mandy keeps moving, looking for a cooler spot... without any luck.  It was really hot and muggy at work, too.  I had to throw shoes today (over 2,000 pairs), so that ought to be the last time I have to do shoes this week.  There's lots of freight in the building, and plenty more trucks expected; but not much of it is going upstairs to Pack-to-Light, where I work.

When I started my job four years ago, it was the best place to work you could imagine.  The man in charge of the whole building knew all three hundred-plus people by name, and would often come around and visit with us, listening to our complaints.  He really didn't do a lot about our gripes, but the simple fact that he listened made a big difference.  Then he was transferred to California, and a new man came in.

We seldom see Steve at all; he's usually at another location, helping the mail order part of our business get lined out.  And he makes it plain he doesn't really want to hear any complaints.  There are two people beneath his command who come around under the pretense of "caring", but it's all a farce, and I only speak to them when I have to.  Morale used to be so high, and now it's sunk about as low as it can go.

I still do the best job I know how, and try to give them a good day's work.  If I compare this job to any others I've had in the past, it's the best place I've ever worked.  Perhaps if it hadn't been so ideal to start with, I wouldn't resent the changes so much. 

Oh well, I keep telling myself, only two more years and I'll retire... if my knees hold out.

When I went out to put Blue up, I saw the bull doing his duty.  I believe he was with Monica, the cow my granddaughter named after herself, but I can't be sure.  Monica and Lucy look a lot alike, and I can only tell which is which when they are side by side.  It looks like somebody will present us with a May calf. 

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dymphna103 said...

You and the cows.  I almost envy the life you have on a farm.   john