Wednesday, August 4, 2004

my mom's stuff again

Mother had this tucked away inside an envelope with the story of how she got it written on the outside:  "Wrapper from the candy bar I got from Everett (that's my dad) when working at Virgil Russell's in 1932.  I thought I weighed the most and did (147).  He weighed 140.  Bill gave me an ice cream cone.  He weighed 144."

These are in a different envelope:

Here's the story she wrote about these:  "In 1932 when working at Virgil's I threw a cup of water at Raymond (my dad's brother) and caused him to lose his cigarette.  Here it is."

And on the other side:  "Clarence Ruff threw this hot match at me."

I know I saved silly things like that as a girl, but I can't imagine keeping them until my death, like Mother did!  I wonder if she looked at these things and recalled briefly the feelings of being young and in love.

On another note, I decided to try and accustom Mandy to a leash, since she's becoming a little hard to control (won't always come when I call, etc.) and she despised it.  It made me feel guilty, like I was mistreating her.  I did a check online and found some puppy-training sites that might help me.  Most of them suggest using treats when first training a puppy, until you get their attention.  I went to a site about training Blue Heelers (Mandy is 1/2) and it said they are difficult to train.  Just what I need!  I do love my doggie though, and will try whatever it takes.  She basically wants to please.

I took a VTO today, and would have ridden Blue, but it looks like rain.  Cliff had to go to work early for a meeting.

Last spring I got a phone call from Blue-Green resorts, offering me a three-day stay in Branson, Missouri, for $110, with lots of perks added.  All we had to do was sit through a 90-minute sales pitch for a time share.  The 90 minutes turned into about three hours, but other than that we had a delightful time in Branson.  Both of us returned homesaying we would go back to Branson again, but would never go through the sales pitch.

Well, last night I got a call from a different time-share plan:  he kept sweetening the deal and, well... yes, I succumbed.  But only with the assurance that I had fifteen days to back out of the deal if Cliff was angry.  I thought October would be great in the Ozarks, and after all, he DID have a good time before!

He wasn't angry; in fact, he agreed Branson on an October weekend might be a good idea.  However, he said, "Let's just pay the full price ourselves and forget the time share sales pitch."  So, I called and backed out.  It was easier than I thought.  Whew!

A week from tomorrow Cliff deposits me, two granddaughters and the camper at the Missouri State Fair for two or three days .  My goodness how time flies! 



csandhollow said...

My fav!!!!

boodotte said...

What wonderful memories from your mom.  Thanks for sharing the pics here.  You know how I love this sort of thing.  And your post answered my question I posted on my journal to you about the State Fair.  So glad to know you're taking both the girls.  Cya round!  Boo