Thursday, August 12, 2004

I'll see you Sunday!

First of all, I have to ask you to look at the entry of a couple of days ago, at the picture of Monica listening to the Governor (now keep in mind, the Governor always helps pass out free Hostess cupcakes after the opening ceremonies at the fair):  Her mom asked the other day, "What's the Governor's name?"

Monica answered, "I don't know, but last year he was selling Twinkies at the fair."

I can imagine her teacher's astonishment at the answer she gets if she asks, "OK now class, who can tell me, what is the Governor's job?"

I have to share this photo I found in my mom's stuff last night.  It was taken in 1967; it's my husband and my son, my firstborn baby.  Jimmy had colic for months after his birth and cried ALL the time.  To give me some relief, Cliff would get on my dad's Sears Suburban garden tracter (we lived in my parents' back yard at the time, in a mobile home) and drive around until the baby went to sleep. 

My dad eventually sold that garden tractor to my brother-in-law, Russell, who used it over the years, had the engine rebuilt eventually, and painted it a different color.  Russell passed away a couple of years ago, and, having no need for the lawn tractor, my sister sold it to us.  Cliff's hobby is old tractors, and I wanted it for the sentimental value; after all, it used to by my dad's!

Last winter, Cliff used it to haul hay bales to the three cows, and he mows with it sometimes.  Isn't it amazing that something built in 1967 is still going strong? 

Here's what it looked like when we bought it last year.  Cliff will eventually paint it in its original colors, and it will look just like it did when it put my baby boy to sleep.  We sold that hideous snow-blower, since we rarely get enough snow here in Missouri to need it.  And Cliff restored the hood, which my brother-in-law had  altered so it would take a bigger battery. 

Wish me luck folks, I'm off the the State Fair today!  Two granddaughters are asleep in the other room as I type this, and once they wake up, it'll be a whirlwind around here getting things loaded.  God bless you every one!


bnanajm said...

My dear friend, I pray for safe travel and good weather.  Havva blast.  You deserve it.

janothy said...

Have a great time!  The tractor looks great for it's age!   -Jan

boodotte said...

Wish I was there!  I know you'll have a great time.  Cya, Boo