Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Nerveless Nocks

One free act we saw our first day of the fair was the Nervous Nocks:  Two of them climbed to the top of sway-poles and did some hair-raising stunts...

and others of the group got inside a big, slotted metal ball on motorcycles and rode upside-down and around... one going one way, one the other.  The girls were thrilled to have their pictures taken with the two motorcycle daredevils.

There were lots of places to get free balloons, and Monica and Natalie would carry them around until they got tired of messing with them, then release them into the air.  Below is the children's barnyard, where the girls saw a newly hatched chick, as well as some pipped eggs about to release the prize within.

At Hedrick's petting zoo, we saw a mother goat back in a corner pen (shown below) giving birth; baby #1, still damp, was beside her while she pushed hard to get baby #2 out.  We waited a long time, but finally moved along without seeing an actual birth. 

These folks have well-cared-for animals that seem to love the attention they receive from kids.  If you choose, you can purchase food for the animals and let them eat from your hands.  Don't hold any paper within reach of the pygmy goats when you're petting them:  Monica still laughs about the time, last year, with a goat grabbed my daily program and ate it all!

What a wonderful, varied, mysterious world is the State Fair!

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