Thursday, August 26, 2004

scared of the bull

Each evening I turn my horse, Blue, out in a small fenced pasture area to graze.  He's been foundered in the past, so his time on grass has to be limited.  I shut the gate to the big pasture and leave him grazing for an hour or more.  Then I take the rope, snap it to his halter, and lead him back to his pen.  Sometimes the cows are there, but I just shut them in with Blue, rather than chase them out.

For the past couple of months, Cliff's brother's bull has been here doing his yearly duty.  This big guy has never chased anyone as far as I know, but I'm scared of him.  I've been around cattle all my life, and shouldn't be so silly... but I get bad vibes from THE BULL, and avoid him as much as possible.

Tonight the cows and bull were in the pen, so I turned Blue out with them and shut the far gate.  When it was time to get my horse, guess who was standing right near the gate I had to walk through:  yep, THE BULL.  Well, I acted as though I didn't see him and strolled to my horse, lead rope in hand.  I snapped the rope onto his halter, then led him to the far gate leading to the pasture, which had to be opened for the cows.  THE BULL snorted and pawed, and I trembled.  So, I put Blue between me and the beast.  Now, you're supposed to lead horses from their left side, but I broke the rule this time.  I lived through it, but I will surely be glad when that bull goes back home. 

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