Thursday, August 19, 2004

Christmas is coming

I work in a distribution center for a nation-wide retailer, and the Christmas selling-season has started.  They're talking about overtime already, and hiring temps for the upcoming rush.  I've doubled up on the Celebrex and glucosamine in hopes my knees make it through December.  Ah well, as I wrote in one of my poems, "Pain is a Faithful Teacher".

I like my hours, 6 AM to 2 PM, because this schedule gives me quite a bit of evening time to play with my animals and mess around on the Internet, even when I work Saturdays.  I'm a morning person, so I have no problem getting up early.  Of course, I'm usually in bed by 8.

My puppy, Mandy, is eating and growing fast.  She understands what "no" means, and isn't jumping up on me nearly as much as she did.  We're working on "heel" and "sit", but there's a long way to go.  I'm afraid I'm not the wisest teacher in the world!; I read instructions on the Internet about how to train puppies, but in real life things don't always work as well as they do in print.  Cliff built a pen from which Mandy can't escape, so my horse has his stall back.  Our renter, Vicki, calls it "doggie jail".  Mandy can come in the house, but Cliff and I don't want a full-time house dog, and we don't want her running our country neighborhood all night long, like the other dozen or so dogs around here.  I do love this mutt, and I really want her to turn out well.  She's a great companion already... all she needs is some refinement and restraint.

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csandhollow said...

Have you tried Bextra? It really works for me. I tried Celebrex but did not get the relief that Bextra gives me. Sounds like Mandy is doing good.