Thursday, June 9, 2005

Weekend Assignment

Weekend Assignment #63: Amusing Amusement Park Moments  

Weekend Assignment #63: Recount a noteable amusement park experience. No, it doesn't have to be about getting sick on that rollercoaster... although (heh) those usually are pretty good. It can be any sort of memorable moment: cute, scary, funny, nice, whatever.

That's my Georgia daughter-in-law and me about three years ago, at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City.  Behind us, my granddaughter, Amber, and my step-granddaughter, Christyn (probably misspelled, sorry Deb).  We had a great time that day, or at least I did.  I believe that was the first time their family visited me after the birth of Lyndsay, my youngest granddaughter.

Extra Credit: What's the scariest amusement park ride you've ever been on?

That one in the picture is probably it.  I was too chicken to ride a roller coaster until I was past 35, and as I age, I'm turning chicken again.  I used to love the Orient Express coaster at World's of Fun, but they tore it down.  Too tame, I guess.  Truthfully, the scariest rides, to me, are those rinky-dink ones at the state fair, held together with baling wire.


starstarj said...

I never would go on those amusememt fair rides except when I was a teen and was sure nothing could kill me.  The more I age the more I realize that if we had a choice of how we die I don't want it to be on a amusement ride of course God has the say in that but I am just going to make his choices one less lol.

woodmotorsports said...

Sheesh, looking at those pics certainly give me motivation to keep dieting! Oh, and you did spell Christyn's name right.

gabreaelinfo said...

What a nice looking family.



csandhollow said...

I love to be scared on the coasters!

plieck30 said...

The scariest ride I was ever on was the Runaway Mine Train. I don't do rides anymore. Paula

sam7md2 said...

I have two most memorable experiences in theme parks.  The one was in Great America Theme Park in Chicago when my first husband, Sherman and I and our daughter, Christine went to our only son's graduation from the Navy Boot Camp in Great Lakes. We went to the Great America Theme Park after the graduation ceremony which in and of itself, was awesome and spent the day with these two kids.  He was just turning 18 and she was 22 and single at the time.  My what a day we had!  It was awesome.  The other experience when all of my adult children and their significant others (spouses, those who had one at the time) went to Kings Dominion for an overnight and spent the day in the theme park.  It was great!  What lovely memories.  Thanks for reminding me!........Sam

madmanadhd said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us in j-land. Looks like you all had a wonderful time together. I used to be much more daring when it comes to rides... now... I'm scared I'll lose my lunch, even if I haven't eaten. Oh well, saves money to avoid the rides.
Here's my assignment if you'd like to come over and check it out. Have a grand weekend!