Saturday, June 11, 2005

Cliff's project for today

Cliff got some parts for the baler yesterday, and spent most of today working on it.  He was distracted for about four hours when our son-in-law, Kevin, brought him about a bushel of nuts and bolts that they were throwing away, where he works.  Cliff sorted and counted for a long time.  He reminded me of Midas, counting his gold.


joolsinwa said...

boys and their toys!! LOL
~ Julie~

bnanajm said...

To him, it was gold.  LOL

toonguykc said...

Cliff and my pa would get along so well!!  I'm sure the two of them could have a three hour conversation about bolts.  Bolts!  I must have been adopted.

bookncoffee said...

Hope he gets the baler to working.  I am sure Cliff enjoys these types of missions.  Finding time is probably the hard part.  Maybe some of those nuts and bolts will help it run again.  LOL.