Saturday, June 4, 2005

Patrick's Saturday Six

Picture from Hometown

1. Who is the last performer you saw live in concert?    I believe that would be George Jones, at Ameristar Casino.  I was disappointed, because age has pretty much ruined his voice.  What is the last film you saw at a theater?  "Ray"  Which was more worth the money you paid?  Definately the movie!

2. What do you do more of in a typical day:  work, sleep, eat, exercise. watch TV, surf the web?  Since I've quit my job, I'd say surf the web.

3. Your office brings in a new drink machine and it's your job to fill the eight selection slots.  What drinks (non-alcholic, of course) do you select?  I'll pass on this one, since I really wouldn't care.

4. Take the quiz: 
What is your expression number?   Do you agree with the description it gives you?  No  What do you disagree with most?  Most of it; I'm just not that nice a person, I'm sorry to say.  Probably the very last sentence is true, though.

"Your Expression Number is 6 You have an outstanding sense of responsibility, love, and balance.
You are helpful and inclined to comfort those in need.
You have many artistic and creative talents, but you only use them to better others.

You are loving, friendly, and appreciative of others.
You have a depth of understanding that produces much kindness and generosity.
Openness and honesty are apparent in your approach to all relationships.

Sometimes, you can be too demanding of yourself.
At times, you tend to sacrifice yourself for the welfare of others.
At other times, you have trouble distinguishing between helping and interfering."

5. Counting all light fixtures and lamps in your home, how many bulbs do you have in place, and how many of them are on right now?  Fourteen bulbs in my home.  Three are on.

Laura: What is your favorite movie line ever and why?   Old Lodge Skins, in Little Big Man: "Today is a good day to die." 

Why?  Because at my age, I can truthfully say this each morning.  Any day is a good day to die, because I have had my share of beautiful things.  From this point on, every day is a bonus.  Death can cheat me of nothing.  I've had it all. 


fierrorachel said...

Not doing the "6" this weekend, but my favorite movie line would've been near impossible.  From Tombstone, I like "I'm your huckleberry, that's JUST my game." From The Shawshank Redemption, I like "Red, I do believe you're talking out of your ass."  From Smokey and the Bandit, I like "What he HAVE here, is a TOTAL lack of RESPECT for the LAW."  And from Hooper, I like "if you could just get your beer cans 10 feet from the trash."  Yeah, we quote movie lines to each other regularly.  Tombstone is probably the most often quoted, since there are SO many great lines there.  "Tell 'em I'm comin', and HELL'S comin' with me!"  "I guess my hypocracy knows no bounds." and "My idea of heaven is room service."  to name a few more! ROFL, I gotta quit.

woodmotorsports said...

Doc: "I'm afraid the strain was more than he could bear."