Saturday, June 25, 2005

Saturday Six

Patrick's Saturday Six

1. Yesterday, I linked to the journal "Mall Of America," a collection of photos from shopping malls of the 1960s and 1970s.  What store do you associate most with your childhood in terms of happy memories and why?  Is the store still around? 

Before we moved to Kansas City, my mom worked as a sales clerk at a small grocery and dry goods store in Eagleville, Missouri... Vanzant's; it's been gone for years.  I loved walking in when she worked there... I felt like she owned the store.  Back then, folks did their shopping on Saturday night, and people gathered in clusters to catch up on local happenings; kids got together and strolled around the square.  Sometimes, if we could talk our parents out of a quarter, my cousins and I would go see a movie, often one starring Roy Rogers.  At 10 PM, the Hardware store held a drawing and gave away three prizes, so that's where everyone ended up before they headed home. 

2. What song makes you the most emotional and why?

  Right now I'd say, "These Thousand Hills" by Third Day.

3. Take the
quiz:  What year were you born under, and what year should you have been born under? 

I was born under the year of the monkey; I should have been born under the year of the horse.  (rather fitting, eh?)

4. What time do you typically wake up each day?  anywhere from 4 AM to 5:30 

What is the latest you're normally able to sleep? 

probably 6:30, but that's extremely rare 

How many hours of sleep do you get in an average night?  From 6 to 8 hours; since I quit my job, I sleep much, much more soundly. 

5. What frightens you the most about getting older? 

The idea that one day I may not be able to do simple things (like go to the bathroom) without help.  My mom ended up in a fairly good nursing home, but when she could no longer wait on herself, it was difficult and sad; there wasn't enough staffing to take care of the needs of so many bedfast patients.

Debi:  If you found the house of your dreams, right price, then discovered that a murder or suicide had taken place in the house, would you still consider buying the house? 



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