Friday, June 3, 2005

The author, James Patterson


That's James Patterson.  I don't think of him as my favorite author, and yet I find myself reading more of his books that anybody else's.  The man has to be warped, to write about so many brutal slayings and mutilations.  He keeps his chapters short, and leaves you wanting more when you've finished each of his stories. 

Of all his writings, my favorites are the books in the "Alex Cross series".  I've read them all out of order, so his children keep getting younger in each book I read.  I recognize "good guys" who, in later books, turned out to be "bad guys".  It doesn't matter.  He keeps me on the edge of my proverbial seat. 

Right now, I'm reading the very first Alex Cross Book, "Along Came a Spider".  Wow; no wonder he stays on the New York Times' best seller list. 

The only author that comes close to holding my attention like this is Sandra Brown.  Good stuff, here.  (Yes, she's warped too... I worry about myself.)


tendernoggle said...

He is my daughters all time favorite author, well besides Nora Roberts!

idonotnoit said...

One of my favs beside John Sanderford and his "Lucas Davenport" series. Great reads.

ryanagi said...

I like James Patterson too. I think of books as an "escape". If I wanted to read stuff similar to my own life, I'd read my own journal. LOL When I read a book I want it to take me somewhere that isn't remotely like my life. Scare me, excite me, freak me out, make me cry, make me laugh...that is what I want. I especially love a book that takes me so outside myself that I lose all track of time and space.

fitzzer said...

I love JP - have you read Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas? It's actually sort of a (sad) love story. Had me in tears on a plane! The Alex Cross Series is the best - so are the movies. But When The Wind Blows and The Lake House are really interesting, great reads too. Sorry I'm getting on my soapbox here! LOL Thanks for the tip on Sandra Brown. I'm always looking for new books. ~ Lori

jen73169 said...

I love Patterson too. I was a little disappointed in the movies they have made from his books because Alex should have been someone hotter.

plieck30 said...

Talk about warped. I read Flowers In The Attic sometime ago and got hooked on V.C. Andrews. Paula

rootbeerses said...

Greetings.  This is my first visit to your journal.. and as soon as i read the words  James Patterson and Sandra Brown i felt like you were writing about some old friends of mine.   I just saw today that James Patterson has a new book coming out titled  4th of July.      The Alex Cross series were my favorite.  I didn't know.. this but he also writes preteen books.. my daughter just read her first one and she loved it..  and as usual,  he left her hanging at the end which leads us to believe that there will be a second book.  Anything to get a teenager to read!!!
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