Thursday, June 23, 2005

horses and their cliques

The horses are getting along better every day.  I let Crook follow the other two into the dry lot when grazing time was over.  There were several threats from all three horses, but this time, no injuries.  I decided not to push my luck so soon, and seperated Crook from them for the night.  But there's no doubt they are getting along better.  If the dry lot wasn't so small, they'd be fine there, I'm sure; and eventually, they might do OK there.

I only feed the horses a bite of grain.  Mark Rashid says almost every problem horse he's dealt with was being fed too much grain.  If it weren't for calling them in from pasture twice a day, they'd hardly ever get grain from me.  My local horse-trainer thinks I'm terrible, since he feeds his horses three 3-pound coffee-cans-full daily with a raw egg mixed in.  But my horse looks as good as his, and seems to feel fine.  I trust Mark Rashid.


astaryth said...

Hmmph! I think most people over feed their horses with grain... AND by giving them more protein that they need. A 10% feed is plenty for an adult horse who's not being worked hard. However, I have to add that although i don't like to feed a lot of grain (Boo gets 1/2 scoop of 10% morning and evening and a branmash on Sunday), I DO give him 2 or 3 flakes of a good T&A hay every evening after his supper. He's on a grass pasture all day long, but the grass isn't that great when summer comes, thus the supplemental hay. I have to say, I agree with Mr. Rashid.

fierrorachel said...

So, Buddy's being a Brat, huh?  Color me surprised!  Butthead Arab.  Good thing he's pretty, right?

jspiker said...

I don't know anything about horses but this was a GREAT entry.

You were really perceptive to catch this on film.

I hope they get along and learn to be friends.

Super Job !!  

csandhollow said...

I agree too!Belle gets some as she needs the extra suppliment. The others get none during the spring and summer. I also feed pellet NOT sweet feed like many others do.