Monday, June 6, 2005

Monday Photo Shoot... Wish You Were There

Your Monday Photo Shoot -- Wish You Were There

Let's engage in a little daydreaming for this week's photo shoot, shall we?

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Show a picture of the place you wish you could be right now. Vacation spot, old neighborhood, a friend's house -- wherever it would nice to be right htis instant, grab a picture from your archives and show us.

That's my daughter, my granddaughter, and me in a hot tub on the roof of a cabin we rented in Colorado, in 2002.  What a place to watch the sun come up!  That's where I'd love to be, right now... anywhere within sight of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.



lacaza3 said...

wow how beautiful...are you naked in that hot tub HE HE just teasing
Donna In TEXAS

smjr43 said...

Thanks for visiting my journal.  I had the wonderful privilege of living in Colorado for three years and four months.  I can truthfully say I have seen some of the most beautiful country in that time.  I have many photos in my journal of the different trips we took while living there.  It is truly an awesome place.  I REALLY miss it and hope to live there again one day.

ryanagi said...

Ah yeah...that looks like a great spot. I have some fond hottub memories too (like the one at the beach house we rented a couple years ago).

tendernoggle said...

ME  TOO!!!

csandhollow said...

HOw about this one? In Colorado with Blue?

onemoretina said...

    I lived in Colorado for ten years, and the scenery there is breathtaking. We spent lots of time taking weekend trips to see all the beautiful sites.  I live in California now, and I am happy to be here, but I still do miss that place sometimes !  Tina