Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Helping Phil pick up his "parts" tractor

Most of my lady readers will likely skip these many pictures of men loading and unloading a tractor.  I don't blame any of you!

Just down the hill from us, a farmer had sort of a freak thing happen:  His tractor evidently wasn't in gear, and it rolled down the drive, across the road, and turned over.  It wasn't his main tractor, and it was insured.

It just happens to be the same make and model that Cliff's brother, Phil, just bought recently.  While mowing, Phil's tractor broke a spindle (I think that's the thing that holds the front wheel on???).  Parts from a dealer are terrible expensvie, and when Cliff told him about this wrecked tractor, he contacted the farmer who owned it.  Sure enough, as soon as the insurance settled with him, he'd be happy to sell it.

It makes me a nervous wreck seeing Cliff do something like this.  I watch until my nerves give out, then I turn my back and pray silently.

All's well that ends well, and now if Phil's 190XT has other problems, it's very likely he'll have what he needs on this "parts tractor" for which he paid $500.


bnanajm said...

I guess their standing around looking equates to our looking at photos of our grand kids, and in my case my niece and nephew.  Sometimes the sexes just don't get it.  LOL

madcobug said...

LOL. I looked at everyone of those pictures before I read your entry. I used to live on a farm so it all looked interesting to me. You did a good job doing the step by step thing. Those hollyhocks were very pretty and colorful. Lucky man to not be on a tractor and getting hurt. I remember reading a previous entry when you were aftraid someone got hurt. Helen

ksquester said...

Have a good family reunion Mosie....don't work too hard....or worry too much.  Anne

plieck30 said...

glad the man wasn't hurt. gotta come back to look at the picture later. John has an old David Brown sitting needing a part. Paula

tendernoggle said...

I think Phil got a good deal!
Like you I hate not to watch , and then I hate TO watch when someone is doing a difficult or dangerous job...especially if it is my Danny!! lol ( He use to be able to climb up in trees and cut limbs with a chain saw....he could climb like a monkey...but it always terrified me ....but I had to watch ( and pray ) too!)

simplytinaok said...

I LOVED THIS ENTRY!  I Enjoyed the picutres too.  
I could relate to getting things done, and being inovative, I think that's a prerequisit for living on a farm..LOL.  I always say a farm ain't a farm if ya' don't have baleing twine holding at least 10 things together..LOL.  We sold one of our Round Balers last year and the guy that drove down to pick it up, had a flat bed that was too narrow to carry it, the wheels of the round baler were wider than his flat bed...but by golly he was not going home without that baler, so we proceeded to winch it up onto the flat bed and take the wheels off and then winch it the rest of the way scrapeing the bottom of the Round baler along the top of his flat bed...(ssccreeeechhhh....gggrriiinnnd) until we got in on and stable and strapped down...what a hot, but fun day..I love that kind of stuff and will push my hubby outta the way so I can get in there and get my hands dirty. LOL
Take care!