Thursday, June 16, 2005

Judith Heartsong's Artsy Essay

Every month, one of the most widely-read journalists in J-land chooses a subject for people to write about.  Often the subjects are a bit lofty for my tastes.  This month I read June's Artsy Essay and realized I'd written a poem on this subject some time ago.  To read the entire assignment in Judith's journal, CLICK HERE

Oh, and I stole this photo from an entry of Judith's from a couple months back, because it is one of the shades that I can't get enough of.  Here's the comment I left in her blog about the picture:  "There are certain shades of blue that make me want to jump up and down with joy.  That picture shows one of those shades.  If it were possible, and I could find some of my favorite shades of blue in large enough quantity, I'd roll in blue like a dog happily rolls in carrion, or like a cat revels in catnip."


(c) February 15, 2003

The world has shades of every hue
Eye-catching reds, and grays...
I wonder why I so love blue,
And why it takes my gaze.

There's lovely dandelion yellow...
Rose- and apple-red.
Pinks and purples soft and mellow:
Why not them, instead?

At my workplace yesterday
New sweaters caught my eye.
Their color took my breath away:
The blue of summer's sky.

 I'd go back to my work and then
Forget them for awhile.
That blue would catch my eye again
And give me cause to smile.

 I wonder if it's born in me
To love a certain hue?
Or maybe some lost memory
Attracts me thus to blue.

 Some preferences, we're born to hold.
We gain some, as we grow.
I'd love to learn, before I'm old,
Why blue attracts me so.



judithheartsong said...

oh, this is a lovely piece and I still remember your comment about that photograph. I have this same reaction to certain colors....... no matter how hard the day might be. Very well done, I am so glad you wrote. Blue ~ Yum:):):) judi

ksquester said...

WELL done Mo! I love this poem. (A side note: you left the "g" out of heartsonG.)  Anne

ryanagi said...


mutualaide said...

Blue indeed.  Although not my's my second.  Great Poem!

krobbie67 said...

Love it!

As you can probably guess, blue is my favorite color too. It wasn't always. Or, perhaps it was. But, several years back I was thinking what color draws me in and makes me feel comfortable and good. I realized that it was blue. So...I surround myself with it in my home.

I love that picture too. It makes me want to dive right in. Your poem was great too! :-) ---Robbie

demandnlilchit said...

Blue has a way of bringing on serenity for me.

justaname4me2 said...

The first Blue entry I've come across on my exploratoin of essay entries today. Blue is beautiful! Great entry and thank you for sharing this with us all.

libragem007 said...

wow..beautiful and reflective. Nicely put. Goodluck! ;-)
Gem ;-)