Thursday, June 23, 2005

more on Van's

I saw lots of different things yesterday, so I'll try to describe some of the strangest.

1.  There was a guy wearing nothing but a loin-cloth, I kid you not.  Amber pointed him out, and I was so stunned, I didn't think about my camera, or I'd have taken a picture.

2.  Last year, I ended up in front near the stage and got caught in the mosh-pit with Amber; thank goodness we escaped with our lives, and vowed not to get near that near the stage again... it's dangerous.  Yesterday, while watching Amber Pacific on a smaller stage with a smaller crowd (not big enough for crowd-surfing, so no bodies being passed overhead) things were calm until suddenly a couple guys began pushing one another, running into those around them and making a circle, dancing crazily.  My grandson knew about this; he said it's a "circle mosh pit".  I made sure to move far away from all this action.

3.  Sitting in the reverse-daycare tent at a little distance from the music, I realized it sounded a whole lot like Native American music, far back.  It was a very primitive, tribal sound.

4.  When you are close to the band that's playing, the noise is so loud you feel the vibration in your throat.

5.  Some scantily-clad anorexic girls need to cover up those bones of theirs, and some scantily-clad overweight girls need to cover up all that flesh.

6.  Although both grandchildren who accompanied me like alternative rock music, the individual songs they enjoy are totally different.  No, you grandmothers reading this, all punk rock does NOT sound alike. 

I'll end my observations here, unless I think of more later.



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bookncoffee said...

Still catching up on some journal alerts....  This was interesting.... thanks for sharing.  I sure would hate to be in a mosh pit.  my my my....