Thursday, June 23, 2005

Weekend Assignment

From John Scalzi

Weekend Assignment #65: Dedicate a "summer song" to someone in your life. Could be a happy song for someone you like, a "kiss-off" song for someone you don't, or a romantic song for someone you want to know better. Point is, it has to be summery, and you have to intend it for someone.

I'll dedicate this one to my dog, Mandy, since she's sleeping stretched out on the floor as I type this:



Summertime and the living is easy
Fish are jumping the cotton is high
Your daddy's rich and your mother's good lookin'
So hush little baby and don't you cry.

One of these mornings your gonna wind up singing
Your gonna spread your wings and reach for the sky
But until that mornin' your gonna wind up singin'
And mommy and daddy are standin' by.

Extra Credit:
Ever have a song dedicated to you? What was it?

None that I recall.


jspiker said...

Summertime is one of my favorites!  A Great tune!

pixiedustnme said...

Now I just need a glass of lemonade and I'll be all set!

kissofvanity said...

Hey, great summer song.  :)


dragonrose637 said...

Perfect for the

sinnermeetevil said...