Monday, June 13, 2005

Scalzi's Monday Photo Shoot

Your Monday Photo Shoot:  Red

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Picture something red. Show it to us.

My son's family had been stationed in Germany for some time (three years?  four?).  When he returned to this country and settled his family near us, Arick was his grandpa's close companion and best buddy for a couple of years.  When Cliff bought a Farmall H tractor to restore, Arick stayed right by his side, helping with the sanding and keeping him company until the tractor was completely finished.  When they were done with the project, Cliff declared the tractor Arick's property... although he doesn't get full possession of it until Cliff dies.  His name is on the battery box.

The tractor wasn't so red when Cliff got it out of the weeds in a co-worker's pasture.

I once called this old 1951 Farmall a "money-hole" because of all the funds it took to fix it up.  But the memories Cliff has of the time spent with our oldest grandchild are priceless


cneinhorn said...

nope, a red tractor, it's a classic! love the photos!


ryanagi said...

So spiffy! Now THAT is what I call a tractor. It's what I picture when someone says "tractor".

rootbeerses said...

My favorite photo's thus far..   Great Tractor!!!

plieck30 said...

Bet Arick hopes it will be a long time before he takes possesion of his tractor. Its a beauty. Paula

simplytinaok said...

Beautiful Tractor!!!!  I can appreciate what you said.."I once called this old 1951 Farmall a "money-hole" because of all the funds it took to fix it up."  My hubby has a 1951 Ford Coupe that he has had for 30 yrs., he's "restored" it, 3 is now a Street Rod..before that it was a Street rod/original combo....LOL..he just keeps dreaming up new ideas for it all the time...and yes it is an expensive hobby, but so worth hubbies son will inherit it when Hubby passes on and rigthly so, as he helped my husband work on it all the years we lived in Missouri.  
Loved the Photos and the story!