Wednesday, June 29, 2005

an Internet friend

AOL, PLEASE give us more options on "mood".  Like tired, reflective, mad, frustrated... there are so many more moods than you allow us.

This morning I talked on the phone to one of my best Internet friends, Jen.  As with most of my online acquaintances, I met her in the old Christian 50s chat room.

There's something special about Jen.  The reason I know this is that, although I hate talking on the telephone, I can talk to Jen for two hours straight and love every minute.  I've visited her at her home in Nashville, and felt right at home.  We've shared a motel room, and it was like rooming with my sister.

Just like Joanna and Wilona... Jen is family.  If I ever find the picture I have of me and her in Kentucky, I'll scan it and post it. 

God bless my Internet "family".



ksquester said...

Nobody sings it better than Janis Joplin...............Anne

tendernoggle said...

I have often wished that we could just put our own word for the way we feel in the mood section!
I too do not like talking on the telephone...but now my husband is a different matter...he can out talk anyone on a phone! lol
love ya,

bookncoffee said...

Another Nashvillian!  I don't like to talk on the phone either.  The only thing I like about dial up is that it blocks the phone ringing.  LOL.

bnanajm said...

And I'm so pleased to be in that "family".



bookncoffee said...

Yes I agree we need more moods.  I am so surprised that they haven't added more moods by now.  I do need "tired" "exhausted" added and maybe "sick"  sometimes although I guess some of those are just "states of being" and not moods. LOL!