Wednesday, June 15, 2005

a busy day

Cliff and I took soil samples to a town about 20 miles south.  While we were out, we bought twine for the big baler he's working on.  The only way he can test it to see what needs fixing is to bale something.   That requires baler twine.

Before we did that, though, we did some cattle chasing.  We're still keeping the mom and newest baby in a pen close to the house, because the month-old twins steal milk from their aunt.  And I'm afraid the little steer (oh yes, we made him into a steer today, and it was no easy task) might not get enough nourishment with those piggish little cousins (also half-sisters) stealing his food supply.  Anyhow, the other cow got in there, without her twin calves; and it was a rodeo getting her back where she belonged without turning everybody out together.

I picked about a gallon of cherries off my tree.  Do you know how long it takes to pit enough cherries to make three pints of jam?  Geesh.  I think I understand why George Washington chopped down the cherry tree.

This afternoon the farrier came, so I had the pleasure of standing for an hour and a half holding Blue, and then Crook, while he worked on them.  Trust me, Blue will pay for this with a two-hour ride... soon!  Especially since the whole ordeal cost a hundred bucks, for the two horses.  Someone on a message board had the funniest line:  "I used to have horses.  Now I just burn a fifty-dollar-bill every Friday.  It's all the same." 

You'd probably have to be a horse-owner to relate, but it's so true!


madcobug said...

Good old George huh?? LOL. Helen

madcobug said...

P.S. I missed your entry yesterday so late Happy Anniversary to you and Cliff. Helen

marainey1 said...

Those cherries look delicious !  You are definitely ahead of us as far as the growing season goes.  'On Ya'  - ma

astaryth said...

Yep! The cheapest part of a horse is the original purchase price <LOL>.

ksquester said...

I bet that cherry jam would go great on a waffle. I have picked and pitted cherries also. Are you fingers stained red too? Looks mighty tasty!   Anne

pinkroseal said...

  MO this is a wonderful sight, and I will return to it and read again and read again.
 Having been raised on a farm in N W Iowa , I know there is no place like the Farm to  be rasied and and live at any age.
 God s work is evident  in nature and  especially on the farm and close to nature.
thank you for sharing this sight.

  To God be the Glory, and Our Lives.

  Thanks MO!