Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nathan's hot dogs... an addiction

A year ago when I spent a week with my friend Joanna, near Washington, DC, she got me hooked on Nathan's hot dogs.  Somehow Nathan's taste like I remember wieners tasting when I was a child, so they've become one of my "comfort foods". 

I couldn't find them in my area when I came home, and Joanna kindly had some shipped to me for my birthday last year, and then for Christmas.  Believe me, I was very stingy with them.  Cliff got a couple, and I may have once shared with his sister and her husband.  Otherwise, I kept them in the freezer and doled them out sparingly, even to myself.

Today I found them in Price Chopper, one of the stores where I often shop!  They may have been there all this time, because they're so outnumbered by the displays of Armour hot dogs, and Oscar Meyer, and all the other well-advertised brands... but now I have them any time I want them.

Some days are diamonds.

Joanna, please don't be getting me addicted to any more foods; I don't need the weight gain.


amy122389 said...

I LOVE Nathans!  That little pop when you bite into them...yummy!!  Dang it, Donna...now you've got me wanting a hot dog...LOL  Mustard and relish on that, too!


gaboatman said...

Nathan's are great!  Glad you found a local supply.

bnanajm said...

Oh I am so glad you found them.  Now I'll have to work on finding that special ice cream for when you come to visit me next.  Hee hee hee


marainey1 said...

Hot dogs are definitely one of my 'comfort foods'  .  I love anything easy and quick to fix.  I'll have to look for Nathan's - I'd never heard of them before.  thanks for the tip !!!  ' On Ya'  - ma

ksquester said...

Before I found Nathans, I hadn't had but maybe 10 hotdogs my entire life. I love them also and so glad that you found them. I like them best grilled, just like they do at Coney Island.    Anne  p.s. are you gonna be serving them at the reunion?  

heyuno said...

How much are these great tasting hotdogs?  You must of got them at the north store.

fitzzer said...

Zweigle's are my personal fav. But I think they're an Upstate NY thing. People who move away still have their families and friends ship them to them wherever they are.  Nathan's are yummy too. ~ Lori

tendernoggle said...

They sell them here at Bilos.

bookncoffee said...

I've never heard of Nathans, but will try them if I seem them now.