Saturday, September 4, 2004

Under attack

Somewhere over that hill are houses, and one of the houses belongs to me.  That's the sun coming up this morning.  If you look closely, you can tell the corn is brown, and will soon be ready for harvest.

I hadn't taken an early morning ride for quite some time.  I left the house when it was still dark, expecting to enjoy a nice, cool morning and perhaps get some good pictures.

Unfortunately, I didn't take into consideration the mosquitoes down at the Missouri river bottom, which are as big as house-flies.  Blue's neck was crawling with them, the whole time we were out.  And I'd look my arms and hands and see a dozen "skeets" sucking my blood.  Yuck.  Oh well, autumn and winter will arrive before long, and there'll be no pesky, biting creatures to ruin our fun.  And no horseflies, face flies, and such.  And then we will own the River bottom, because the crops will all have been harvested, and we won't have to pick our way around the corn and soybeans.

I'm scheduled to work 40-hour weeks this month, except the last week of the month, when I may work 48 hours.  Then watch out!  My employers think we'll be working every Saturday through mid-December.  We'll see... their "tentative" schedules don't always pan out.  I think Cliff and I will try to slip away to Branson again later this month.

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