Wednesday, September 15, 2004

rainy day in Missouri

I guess I'll go back to riding with Tracy next week.  She says she needs me, and who am I to deny someone that needs me?  She's the most fun, anyhow. 

I've spent time with my pets tonight.  I hadn't ridden this week because Blue's shoes were so loose, and I didn't want him to lose them completely.  But tonight, after his grazing time, I brushed him and combed his mane and tail.  He always seems to enjoy the attention.  Tomorrow he'll meet his new farrier. 

Cliff asked me to bathe Mandy, because tomorrow she goes to be neutered.  I thought this strange, at first:  I figured if she needs a bath before surgery, the vet would do it.  Then I realized Cliff just doesn't want a stinky dog in his car.  She's in her pen for the night now, and won't get breakfast in the morning.  So I probably won't bring her inside before work, like I usually do.  Cliff will take her at 8 AM, then come home just in time for Blue's shoeing.  I appreciate all the time he devotes to my pets, because he does it for me... not for them, and not for himself.  Maybe I'll ride tomorrow evening! 

I checked the 10-day forecast for Columbus, Georgia, which is near my son's home, and it looks like they're in for several days of wind and rain.  We got a nice little rain today, enough to get the pasture-grass that Cliff sowed Monday, growing. 

Christmas is coming:  I personally sent over 6,000 Christmas decoration items to the stores todayAnd I do feel it!



plieck30 said...

My daughter and grand daughter just moved their horses to a new barn. They had some issues with the old one. My grand daughter did well at her horse show last week-end. They are big horse lovers just like you. Paula

csandhollow said...

So glad a new farrier is coming out. I hope your son is okay with the weather that is headed his way. I have to locate a new farrier too. I hate doing that.