Friday, September 17, 2004

All is well

It's seemed like a long week to me, and I'm glad to finally see Friday night.  Cliff decided to take the day off, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out he was home.  I haven't seen him yet; he's out mowing in the pasture.  Mandy is here, acting as though nothing happened to her at all.  But she's spayed!  It cost $70, which is less than I thought it would be.  And Blue got a reset from his new farrier... $60, also cheaper than I thought.  I like these kinds of surprises.  I rode last night, and Blue and I discovered a sort of "ghost farm" that I ride past all the time, and didn't know existed (old Mrs. Danner's place, for the friends and relatives who know this area).  It's on the road I take to the river.  I knew there was a dilapidated old house there, but I'd never gone up the driveway; there's yet another falling-down house out back, and several barns and buildings, and even an old outhouse... and a tossed-aside tractor, all in the timber on a hillside.  I'll take my camera next time I go, and hope I don't get shot for trespassing.  I think all three of the old "river-rat" homesteads are going to be up for sale soon.


csandhollow said...

Do be sure to yake pictures. That may be the last time for them. How is your son and his family? Did they come out of storm ok?

woodmotorsports said...

All is well here in Georgia, pretty heavy rain  and strong winds..lost some big limbs right outside the back door other than that  it  passed with out hurting anyone in this area infact we never lost power with this storm, and the wind and rain were worse than Francis which we did lose our power.
                           love , Deb and Jim