Monday, September 27, 2004

off work

First, I'll share something very special to me, given to me by my mom's sister, my Aunt Ruby when she knew she was dying of cancer.  My mom and I went to visit her in north Missouri, and she kept saying, "I wish I had something to give you."  Then she went into her bedroom and came out with a Walmart bag all wrapped around something.  "These were MY grandmother's ice cream dishes," she said proudly. 

You will notice the one on the lower right is a different pattern.  Anyhow, these were from my mother's grandmother, which means they are from the 1800's sometime.

An update on my gimpy knee situation:  I saw my doctor today, and he set up an appointment with an orthopedist for Wednesday.  He told me several things that might be done, although of course he doesn't know what the specialist will do.  We went by the hospital and picked up my MRI films to take along.  I'm off work this week  for sure, and will take next week as it comes. 

Everything else around here is going fine.  I gave Mandy a bath so she'd smell better, and now she's laying in the corner passing gas!  Geesh, if it isn't one stink, it's another.  I guess she just couldn't stand smelling good.


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