Wednesday, September 1, 2004

just checking in

I rode down to the river bottom yesterday evening; signs of fall are evident everywhere.  Foliage on the trees looks raggedy and worn; the cornstalks have died completely; the soybean plants are loaded with pods.  There's a certain route I always take to the river:  I go west, turn north on a narrow gravel road, cross a ramshackle old bridge, ride eastward awhile, turn back south, cross another bridge as I head toward the main highway, and when I reach it, ride west toward home.  In other words, I ride in a big square.  Whenever I only want to ride for about an hour, that's been my place.  Last night, the old rotten bridge, across which farmers still drive tractors, let Blue's left hind foot fall through a rotten spot.  He was unharmed and handled it well, but I don't believe I'll be crossing there any more.  Aside from that, though, it was a lovely ride, albeit a hot and sweaty one. 


csandhollow said...

Sounds like a good ride. I am glad Blue is okay. The bridge sounds dangerous now.

bnanajm said...

Please don't use that bridge anymore.  I would worry over you and Blue.