Thursday, September 2, 2004

silly pup

You can see what a mess Mandy makes in her little favorite corner of the kitchen.  Bits of chewed-up paper, and sticks she carried in from outside; throw rug all wadded up to her liking; and the Mountain Dew case pretty well chewed up too.  The bull is gone home now, so I took her for a stroll in the pasture last night and showed her our pitiful little pond.  She heard the "plop" of frogs jumping into the water as we walked by, but never could figure out the source of the splashing.

This mutt is working out well for me and Cliff.  It's hard to get a dog that suits my husband, but it appears we've done it.  There is, however, one problem:  Mandy is not good with small children.  She has a tendency to jump on them, and chase them, nipping at their heels (part Blue Heeler, you know).  We had a rather ugly incident with her chasing Natalie last Sunday, so now I'm watching her like a hawk when the kids are here.  Hopefully she'll grow out of some of her foolishness.

I hear I may have to work Tuesday through Saturday of next week; that's probably right.  I'll know for sure this morning.  If so, I had better enjoy this coming three-day weekend to the fullest!


bnanajm said...

I've been telling my niece about Mandy and I think she is finally convinced that her rescued puppy (now 9 months old) is part Blue Heeler too.  Although Blue (Sandy's puppy) is tall, she has the face, chest and coloring (brindle) of a Blue Heeler.  Whatever she is, Sandy loves her.  Have a wonderful 3 day weekend.

whitedove3622 said...

What a pose!!      I am sure he will outgrow that nipping at the children. He is most likely treating them as he would his sibling pups at that age. Have a good weekend.                                 DOVE

whitedove3622 said...

OOPs its a she of course," Mandy" ......  Sorry Mandy you are really too cute to be a boy dog.

csandhollow said...

Our Stinker is half blue heeler. He liked to jump too. Brook would hook him to a lease and drag him around. He still jumps and stuff but now it is with Pat and the horses. He never has with me.