Friday, September 17, 2004

the "ghost farm"

I don't usually use this format to share pictures, but there were so many, and I couldn't choose any favorites.  So, you get them all.  I hope you can get the same eerie feeling looking at the pictures that I got as I rode Blue past those old buildings. 


csandhollow said...

WOW! So is hubby gonna go get the tractor?LOL

bnanajm said...

LOL - Celeste, my thoughts exactly.  :o)

Mosie, what a treasure of old buildings.  They really do look like ghosts of the past.  You have the most amazing opportunities in your travels with Blue.

Keep it up.



rb3987 said...

Donna , this is a work of art. It really makes me sad to see pictures like this , because there was once a family here that loved this place and it was the center of their life. Buildings are so expensive to put up now , and some of the older ones were from much better material than the new ones are. We just had an ice storm here in KY. and some bvuildings colapsed from the weight of the ice. You deserve an A+ on this comentary.

monponsett said...

Awesome photos...bringing dignity to what others would call decrepit.

There's an old story about Thomas Jefferson showing some French ambassador around Virginia. As they were walking, they came to a shabby old church.

"What is that building, there?" asked the Frenchy.

"A church." replied the Sage of Monticello.

"It is a shame that Americans would let a church fall into such a state of disrepair." said the Frenchman.

"Yet it is good enough," said Jefferson, "for He who was born in a manger."

dragonrose3911 said...

I love the pics. And yes I do get a type of eerie feeling as I looked at them. Thanks for sharing.

jevanslink said...

I bet my cousin would love that tractor.  He has an antique Allis Chalmers that he restored and still uses.  Mrs. L

pixiedustnme said...

Now you just need a good ghost story to go along with it!

fisherkristina said...

I get a spooky feeling when I look at these pictures.  Yet they are very historical.  I wonder about the family who lived here as I look at the photos.
I found you through Scalzi's assignment of choosing your favorite entry.  If you want to see mine, here it is:

pinkroseal said...

   I enjoy this trip with you Mo.

   Love of the country for me also. as was raised on a farm in N W  Iowa.

 Pink in Minnesota