Sunday, September 26, 2004

Peaceful Sunday

My daughter asked me to reduce the size of photos I post here, so she wouldn't have to scroll across.  I did it, Rachel!  Here you see Natalie taking her second solo ride on Blue.  He did fine and so did she, but it made me a nervous wreck watching.  I fixed a nice big Sunday dinner... roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, green rice, peas and carrots... and home-made apple pie for dessert, knowing my daughter's family would be here to help us eat.  So I was somewhat disappointed that my son-in-law, Kevin (a true appreciator of good food) was helping friends build a deck on their house.  However, we did have a fine time, and I sent plenty home for his supper.

Two days ago, I had decided to quit my job, since I can't work in the kind of pain I'm having.  However, I realized that I'd still have to do something about this problem, because I'm very much sidelined by it.  I can barely go up and down stairs; putting on jeans is a horrible experience, because bending my knee hurts so badly.  I can ride my horse, but it hurts like hell to get on him.  So, I will wait and see if something can be done before I do anything rash.  I love my job and I love spending my money and traveling; I can take a medical leave if I must.  I am going to explore all avenues to get mobile again.  I'm an active person by nature, and I do not like being a cripple.  I'm not so sure it's the arthritic knee giving me problems... maybe tendons or ligaments?  And I intend to find out for sure.  If I must live with pain, then I will.  But not without putting up a fight!


plieck30 said...

Good luck with your knee and what ever you deciede to do about it. Don't you just wish you could turn back the years a few pages? Paula

csandhollow said...

The swelling does not make it sound so much like arthritis. The picture loads quicker smaller but you could make it a little bit bigger. LOL She looks good!