Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11


© copyright Donna Wood


September 10, 2002

Our dreams of peace were shattered on a clear September day

When confiscated airplanes stole our innocence away.

Our prayers and ceremonies won’t undo the damage done,

But I hope all of us have learned some things from nine-one-one.

I’ve seen the face of terror, and I have just this to say:

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed; we only have today.

Be kind to those around you. Live and love, and have some fun…

That’s all a part of lessons I have learned from nine-one-one.

I want to hate the terrorists who did those awful deeds,

And yet, the Bible keeps insisting love is what they need:

Lord, help me forgive them for the awful deeds they’ve done.

Forgiveness is a lesson that I learned from nine-one-one.

This year, we’ve done some extra things. I bought a new guitar.

We’ve taken some vacations. I have traveled near and far.

I seen some country concerts: life is sweet, and too soon done,

And I intend to live it! I learned that from nine-one-one.

I’ve seen the face of strangers who would risk their lives for me:

I watched them last September, right on nation-wide TV.

I thank God for their courage: that can never be undone:

Thanksgiving is another lesson learned from nine-one-one.

They say that nothing we go through is totally a loss,

Although a lot of lessons have been bought at dreadful cost.

If we’ll just hold our heads up, then our victory’s begun,

And day-by-day, we’ll see more lessons learned from nine-one-one.


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woodmotorsports said...

Sad as it may be to think about can think about the good parts of SEPTEMBER 11   .... Me
        Love Deb