Sunday, September 5, 2004

lazy Sunday

Wouldn't you like to know what these animals are thinking?

I walked out in the pasture with Mandy today.  She loved exploring, chasing bugs and leaves, and seeing frogs jump into the pond.  She even got up enough nerve to jump in herself, about belly-deep.  I don't think she's ready to try swimming yet.

Cliff worked at Tim's vineyard again, helping with the grape harvest.  Friday when we went over there, Tim was testing the grapes to make sure they were ready to pick.  I believe they picked Norton grapes today.

Anyhow, Cliff was able to come home and hook up to a disk, with a little help from his friends... notice the four-legged supervisor.

He has some pasture-mix seed he'll plant on this strip of ground he's been disking up all summer.  The tractor you see in this picture was supposed to be an investment:  He got a great buy on it, and the plan was to sell it for a huge profit.  However, he ended up getting awfully attached to it, and hasn't made a lot of effort to sell it.  Men and their toys!

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csandhollow said...

I never trust when they say "I can make some money on it"