Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sunday morning

Friday night we got rain... lots of it.  Our guage showed 2 and 6/10 inches when I woke up Saturday.  It seemed like it never stopped, the whole night... I'd wake up and the thunder was still rumbling. 

We went shopping yesterday, and didn't get home till after noon.  We picked 17-year-old Amber up on our way home... she spends most weekends here.  Rachel, Kevin and the girls came out, and Rachel made chili.  Cliff's sister and her husband also showed up, and Charlene rode Blue for the first time.  Judging by the big smile on her face coming back out of the pasture, she enjoyed the ride.  Here she is saddling Blue:

I never realize how tall my horse is until I see someone else putting a saddle on him!

I've been having to take shorter rides lately because, after a half-hour or so, my right knee has really been giving me pain.  Yesterday I bought a knee brace; we'll see if that helps when I ride.  I intend, this coming week, to make a doctor's appointment, and see about having Synvisc injections for the arthritis.  It works well for some folks, and not at all for others.  But now that I'm back to 40- to 48-hour work weeks, I'm in considerable pain all the time.  If I'm going to last another year and ten months on this job, I have to have some relief.  The cortizone shot helped, but only lasted about a month; and there's a limit on how many of those you can have.  Getting old is not for sissies!


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csandhollow said...

He is a big horse! I hope you can get something for your knee.