Friday, September 10, 2004

relaxing in the pasture

Three times this week after work, I've gone back about an eighth of a mile in our pasture, found a shady spot, spread a quilt, and relaxed.  I really have no peace and quiet in our yard:  there are so many houses around us, it's like living in town.  And I have to be alert all the time to make sure Mandy doesn't hear the neighbor kids playing and run off to join them.  But back on "the point" as we call it, the only temptations for a pup are grasshoppers and dead sticks to chew on and chase.  I semi-doze between rounds of playing fetch with my pup.  I remember as a child, I loved to lie on the grass looking up at the trees and the sky.  I still do!

I took a few camera shots from my quilt today so you could see the world from my relaxing point of view.

All I take on my jaunts is a quilt, my camera, the dog, and my Bible.  Sometimes I read it, sometimes I don't.  But I like having it with me.  Mandy would love to chew on it, but she has to settle for the quilt.



plieck30 said...

What wonderful peace and quiet. I like your choices of things to take with you. Paula

bnanajm said...

As you always do, you have shown me the beauty of your surroundings.  You are a very lucky girl.  Love the picture of Mandy  :o)