Thursday, September 23, 2004

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment

John Scalzi's Weekend Assignment #25: Share a favorite story that features you and a sibling.

My sister was married at age 18, when I was not yet three years old.  I recall spending the night at her house many times, especially after she had her only child, Larry.  He was a chubby, placid child, and I enjoyed playing with him.  Later they moved 100 miles away to Kansas City, and I'd spend a week with them each summer. 

Once when I was very small, we were all going to a carnival together:  my mom said, "We can only afford for you to ride one thing; that's all."

"Then I'll get to ride three things," I told her.  "Sister will pay for a ride, Russell (my sis's husband) will pay for a ride, and you will pay for a ride."

I was right!

If I were to make a list of my most admired persons, my sister Maxine is at the top of the list.  She's a perfect housekeeper (and yet you feel comfortable in her house); she has lived an exemplary life; and has so much class, you would never guess she was my sister!  I love her dearly.  Last February my daughter and I visited her at her winter home in Texas for three days. 

Extra Credit: Need I say? Pictures, baby! Pictures from the past are good, but recent pictures of you and the siblings are just peachy, too.

 Here's a picture of me and Maxine at Padre Island during that visit.


(she's the slender, classy-looking one with shoes on)

My sister's natural mom died in childbirth having our brother (now deceased), and my mother raised her from the age of five on.  Although we're half-sisters, I couldn't think any more highly of her.  Thank God for my sister, and for her continued good health.  She doesn't even have high blood pressure, and has never been in the hospital for any medical condition.  She's 76, and I hope to keep her around for several years yet.


fierro6 said...

I was almost in tears reading this...then Natalie came in.  She said "will we go there next year?"  I said "I hope so!"  She said "well, I hope you wear your bathing suit, but you don't like wearing it in public. Maybe you'll lose weight by then!  Probably not, huh?"  Heck, I felt good about myself before that comment!

tamikolar said...

That is a great picture and an even greater story.  It is wonderful to be close to our siblings.  Tami