Sunday, December 30, 2007

I rode my horse today

This is the second time I've ridden since my knee surgery.  The weather has been horrible for riding. 

I need to at least get Blue up to the barn and handle him once in awhile, even if I only groom him; I forget what a prince he really is, when I don't mess with him for awhile.  I forget how he holds down his head and practically puts it in the halter for me, as I hold it in front of him.  I forget how he lets me hug him and put my face against his jaw.  Not all horses are like that.

Yes, as horseback rides go, today's ride wasn't very pleasant.  It was around 40°, with a cold wind blowing over the snow.  I didn't wear enough clothing.  And my toes got cold, after wading through mud to get Blue, and then riding for an hour.

Still, there's just something about being in the saddle.  Something about the relationship you can have with a good horse, the partnership.  Something about the freedom.

Maybe it was a good ride after all.


exptmircle said...

Your relationship with blue sure is beautiful.  

magran42 said...

That is the way our boating trips were.....wet, cold, choppy water. dead bait.....but on the way home we always said...."Didn't we have a good time!"

breakaway1968 said...

Sure sounds like it was a good ride. I  haven't ridden since I was a kid I would love to do that again!  

gaboatman said...

It sure sounded like a good ride to me!  There is always a very special relationship between a horse and it's owner.  Yours seems extra special.  Happy New Year!

suzypwr said...

Your Blue sounds like a very big, gentle, affectionate dog :-)


ora4uk said...

when you showed us the recent pics of the horses eating in the thought was...what a beautiful, sweet looking horse Blue is....seems so content in his world....I can just imagine the freedom of peace and quiet you have on your rides....Happy New Year....hugs...Ora

gen0507 said...

I know that you both were very happy.


helmswondermom said...

I'm glad your knee is so much improved.