Thursday, December 27, 2007

Eating right

That's what my groceries look like when we're eating properly.  I have many dishes that feature different varieties of beans, so I keep them handy.  Now, you might think that a diet so full of beans would cloud the atmosphere in our house, but you'd be wrong.  When you're eating high-fiber every day, gas isn't a problem.  Seriously!

I ought to buy dry kidney beans and black beans and cook them myself; that way I'd lose all the salt that comes with those canned ones; but it's so convenient to open a can.  I do rinse and drain them well before using them, which I'm told gets rid of a lot of the sodium.  Walmart has no-salt-added tomatoes these days, so that helps the cause.

We're seldom without bananas in this house.  At Richmond Walmart the other day, bananas were twenty cents a pound, and they weren't even over-ripe!  The sweet potatoes in the picture were super-cheap also; I think they got stuck with a lot of them after the holiday frenzy.  Cliff would gladly eat a microwaved sweet potato every day, and he's almost managed to do that, this week.  They're a "super-food", you know.  Very rich in nutrients.

The Jello is mainly for Cliff; he loves the stuff, and it satisfies his sweet tooth.  He'll grab a few animal crackers to have something solid to go with it (and to toss to Sadie), and it's dessert for him.  I won't say I dislike Jello, but I can do without it just fine.

We went to Cliff's cardiologist today for the yearly visit; Doctor looked at everything and said, "Well, this is like going to the dentist and finding out you have no cavities."

I'm sure glad we're back on track with our eating:  After 24 hours of eating properly, Cliff is down 3 1/2 pounds and I've lost 3.  Of course, we probably won't lose another pound for a week.  But we're off to a great start.

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madcobug said...

That is great that you both have lost some weight. I baked some sweet potatoes Christmas day and put most of them in the fridge and have not eat a one. Some got taken home with family members. Think I will go now and warm one in the microwave LOL. Helen

mutualaide said...

you are off to a great start!  I'm joining you on THE FIRST of 2008.  I feel I've conquered 'the smoking' and now it's time to get control of the weight.  

I'm going to use you and Cliff as my inspiration as I step on the food wagon.  Or should that be off?  Hmmmm

fowfies said...

Congratulations on eating the right foods and getting back on track. Just have to hop right back on it if you fall off.

madcobug said...

PS to my earlier entry. I am glad that Cliff got a good report from his Doctor. Helen

lanurseprn said...

So glad Cliff is doing so well!! That's wonderful news!

magran42 said...

One picture is worth a thousand words.  This helps me a lot...I can come back for refreshing my memory.  I am going to start using my creative juices to eat right.  Thanks

magran42 said...

Forgot to say:   Good going on Cliff's checkup

marainey1 said...

I love jello with bananas sliced up in it, but rarely make it any more. When the babes were home we had it often as they always had to have dessert.  'Lots and lots of things I don't do much, but when the craving really hits me, I'll make it.
On Ya' - ma

lmitc89854 said...

Glad Cliff got a good report. I think it's been 5 years since my bypass.  God is good!  Did not know that about beans!  will do an experiment after my kids go home. (just in case) What all do you do with them?  I absolutely love sweet potatoes!  But tomorrow I am cooking my Christmas dinner and since I have a big family coming, hopefully they will eat it all.

randlprysock said...

Wow that is great!!  You are both off to a great start!!!  I love all of these foods.  I naturally crave healthy foods most of the time and prefer veggies to sweets but lately we haven't been sticking to it.  I hope with the new year that we do better over here too.  Hugs,

breakaway1968 said...

WOW terrific!  Glad to hear that!  Keep up the good work  you guys :)  Now I need to do the same!