Monday, December 17, 2007

Mosie answers a few questions

I re-read some of your comments and realized there were questions to be answered.  Here goes!

How many lbs of meat do you think you ended up with?  Cliff guesses a little more than 100 pounds.  Of course we share the meat with our daughter's family.  We'd share with the son if he lived closer.

Does Cliff use Chicago Cutlery knives?  Cliff says he uses three brands:  He has a Forschner boning knife he likes because it's easy to clean; he prefers a medium-flexible boning knife.  For skinning, he likes Dexter and Russell knives (a google search tells me those two companies have merged now).  It used to seem to me he used
very expensive knives, because during the years he worked at a butcher shop he had to buy his own equipment; when he bought a knife, it put a serious dent in our very tight budget.  He always had an assortment of both boning knives and skinning knives.  He said he has some breaking knives you'd probably enjoy seeing... some of them look like a sword.  A breaking knife is used when you first start to "break down" the carcass into manageable pieces.

Oh man YUM!  I NEED that potato soup recipe.  I can't think of any way to do a recipe on this, so I'll just tell you the process:  I peel
and dice a bunch of potatoes (about one-inch chunks).  I take a carrot or two and dice it (very small) in with the potatoes.  I don't intend for anybody to taste the carrots; they're just for color because I don't like to eat anything that looks like wallpaper paste.  Slice a stalk or two of celery and add that.  Dice an onion.   Add some dried parsley liberally (again, just for color).  Barely cover with water and cook until done.  Take a fork and mush up the potatoes a little (this serves to "thicken" the soup).  Add milk and some cream and butter.  Cream is my secret ingredient, by the way.  It's what sets my potato soup apart from others'; this is not a diet food.  Salt and pepper to taste.  I like lots of pepper.  I was raised eating crackers with potato soup, but once I married Cliff I adopted his family's habit of having corn bread with it instead.

I've never had tater soup.  Want to share the recipe?  See above; I assume you knew that tater soup is the same as potato soup.

Don't go "hog wild" eating are my inspiration about eating less.       Too late.

I wonder if you could one day do a close up of the  background in picture 6 ?  Are those all toys in that big book case?  Looked like a neat ol' collection of tractors and I think I eyeballed a lunchbox. 
That gives me a good idea for a journal entry, so stay tuned and I'll take you on a tour of Cliff's toy collection before long.



marainey1 said...

You make  your potato soup about the same way I do, but I've never tried the cream in it, so next time I will and see how I like it.  I always have crackers too, so now maybe I'll try the cornbread.  It sounds very good in this cold weather. Hope you have a great day !  'On Ya' - ma

breakaway1968 said...

Thank you!  I have a recipe... and it's good, but this one LOOKED so good lol. I'm going to try this way to see which way the family likes it.  Thanks for taking the time to type that all up for me :)  

magran42 said...

I loved the way you answered all our questions...and yes I knew it was potatoe.....just trying to give my country soul a little air.  This was the best set of entries you have done yet.  I loved the "hog killin".  Sorry to you city folks...but this is how we get pork and this is the diy way.  All in all it was just GREAT....the food....the work....the pictures.  You were so considerate of "weak stomachs".  And we weren't subjected to the smells and the biting cold.  I enjoyed all the Cliff's outfit, the boys heavy coats, the perfection of the skinned meat and the lack of blood everywhere.  Best weekend I've had in a long time!

fowfies said...

That is a cool collection back there, would like to see it also. I make ham and potato soup...I like to have the meat in I said, big meat eater. ;)

amy122389 said...

::cackle::  "Too late."  hee hee.... let's be decadent and add some bacon crumbles to the top, while we're at it....


randlprysock said...

That potato soup recipe sounds delicious!!!!  I like the idea of putting carrots in it for color!!!!