Tuesday, December 4, 2007

open enrollment

I was just reading Sonya's journal:  She's in charge of Human Resources at her place of employment.  Believe me, if you read her journal for awhile, you'll be much kinder to your HR person.  (Yes Kat and Tracy, you girls too.)

Anyhow, she mentioned open enrollment.  I guess it's that time of year at everybody's workplaces.  Cliff brought home all the paperwork that lays out three different health insurance plans, and I studied them for days.

We are given three choices.  The more you pay, the more benefits you get from your health insurance.  Up to now, we've stuck with the middle plan.  It took adequate care of us in 2006, when Cliff's doctor and hospital bills totaled over $100,000. 

Although there have been some changes in coverage, I was going to stick with the middle road.  Until I woke up out of a sound sleep one morning (that's when many of my "women's intuition" moments happen) with the realization that we're not spring chickens, and that between the two of us, we seem to be visiting a doctor at least once a month.  I know there's knee replacement in my future at some point, and who knows what else?  It's rather like rolling dice; I can only guess at the right decision.

So we'll be paying out over $20 a week more, now, and getting the most coverage possible.  Something tells me it will be money well spent.

Do remember to be kind to your HR person. 

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fowfies said...

Ian and I have been feeling our mortality lately ourselves, and decided to do what you and Cliff did...lose that weight and get fit so we can live longer and enjoy life more. It is time, time to get serious before one of us ends up in serious trouble. He is fourty and I will be in six months. I hope the insurance will set your mind at ease, even if you dont hve to use it, which ultimately you always hope you dont have to, but if you do, you will be glad it is there for sure.

bookncoffee said...

Ahhhh....yes...we have 2 plans offered now.  Both PPO's and now we begin the comparison b/w George's company and mine to see where we get the best coverage for the least price.  All of it went up on the health insurance but dental went down b/c the company now pays a portion.  Anyway, yeah, HR is always fun.  Something always going on.  People don't like us in HR b/c they either think we are the bad guys or like cops or something.  LOL  We often get defensive b/c we are always having to defend ourselves.  And we never get enough help or sleep and that makes us ill and then we moan and complain and it's a continuous cycle.  LOL So hug your HR person but be careful, if they are not in the right mood it could turn into harassment.  (LOL).  Just kidding.

ora4uk said...

I know what you mean about "total health care"....it is a blessing to us...and I give thanks every day and night that we are able to afford this health care....my heart goes out to those who must worry about doctor care and illness...and am glad you will be fully covered and relatively worry free....God Bless...hugs...Ora

gen0507 said...

We jsut went through the same process last week where I work.  So much fun.


helmswondermom said...

Thank you for the reminder.  I think Thomas' paperwork is due soon.

magran42 said...

All these decisions are making me crazy!

mutualaide said...

It's always a tough decision, especially when funds are tight for some folks, but health insurance, in the end, is a good investment.  Here in Taxmy*assachusetts, everyone now has to, I repeat, has to have health insurance of one ilk or another.  In theory it's a great idea, but I'm not convinced that we (MA) have got it quite 'right' yet.  Fortunately for our family, I have coverage through work.