Monday, December 24, 2007

Looking ahead to the 4th of July

Yeah, I know.  It's over six months away. 

See, that's when our son and his family usually come to visit.  Not this past year, since he busted up a leg and couldn't leave home.  But hopefully in 2008.

When we went to Georgia for Thanksgiving, Cliff and I agreed that the most fun part of our visit was watching our granddaughter playing with her little nieces.  So we've decided that Jim and Debbie should bring all those kids along when they come. 

That's granddaughter Lyndsay, with Morgan along for the ride.  Morgan is a whole side show on her own.

Even when she's unhappy.

Catelynn, a gentle little southern belle. 

Cliff always was a sucker for little girls.

Can you imagine driving seven hundred miles (in a sporty red car made for speed, not comfort) with all those little girls? 

Then there's the new baby (well, she was new on Thanksgiving when we were visiting), who should be crawling and being really cute by July 4th.

Yeah, that's a great plan, Jim and Deb.  Bring them ALL!

(note to my readers:  I don't think this will actually happen, although we'd love it.  I'm sorta yanking my son's chain here.)

Added later:  It just occurred to me that Deb is expecting her first grandson... finally!  Maybe they should bring him, too... if he's born by then. 

I'm relieved to know that somebody in that family figured out how to put the stem on the apple.  (Thanks to Bill Cosby for little gem.)

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geocachelinda66 said...

4 little girls?  Wow, that will be fun!  Linda

marainey1 said...

I do hope your wish comes true.  If not the 4th of July, soon!  As a long distance Grand'ma' my self, I do know what a joy it is when those little ones come home or when I get to visit.  Merry Christmas to you both !  'On Ya' - ma

gaboatman said...

Well, you pulled it off, LOL.  An entry on 4th of July on Christmas Eve Day?  It seems so natural the way you wrote it and I do understand with the post script about yanking your Sons chain, LOL.  The pictures of the kids are great and I do hope he relents and makes that trip this year.  Merry Christmas to you and Cliff!

gen0507 said...

I know you are looking forward to the 4th.  Merry Christmas Eve!


fierrorachel said...

LOL!  Yeah, Jim, if you loved your mother, you'd rent a bus!

breakaway1968 said...

Aww beautiful kids there!  I can't wait for grandkids....OH wait!  I have a three year old...YES I can wait! lol  Take care and enjoy your week!

randlprysock said...

You have a very beautiful family Mosie and what adorable pictures!!!  My favorite is Cliff surrounded by all those girls.  LOL.  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!  

suzypwr said...

The anticipation must be overwhelming! They could maybe rent a car for the trip so they could get all the little ones in safely?


fowfies said...

I enjoyed the pictures..and wow if everyone comes you will have a house full of folks! Like you say though, that is still six months away, so plenty of time to prepare yourself for it. :)