Saturday, December 1, 2007

things I got from Georgia

I finally finished going through my suitcase and getting it put away after our Georgia trip and found two notes I had forgotten about, written by our granddaughter, Lyndsay.

She wrote each of us a separate note with our names on the back side.  I scanned them together for convenience' sake.

I've always used cream or some sort of coffee whitener in my coffee; since I got rid of our last milk cow, powdered Coffeemate (on the left) has been my choice.  Never the no-fat or low-fat kinds, because those don't taste rich enough to suit me.

While visiting at my son's, I was introduced to the liquid Coffeemate (on the right)... fat-free even!  It actually tastes richer than the full-fat powdered kind, and I'm hooked.

While I'm meandering here, does anyone my age remember the coffee commercial where the announcer said, "Ask the man who drinks it black"?  I don't know what brand they were pushing, but I recall my dad taking offense at it.  He and my mom used cream, and he insisted that if you wanted to get the full taste of coffee, you needed to add cream. 
Ah, the things that will get someone my age started on a walk down memory lane.

Added note:  I just googled the phrase about "ask the man..." and I was led to Ebay where someone is selling a vintage coffee-can, and found out Butternut coffee was the brand being advertised. 

How on earth did we ever get our questions answered before Google?

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fowfies said...

Sweet notes to keep. :) I have never tried the liquid type creamer, but often wondered if it was good. My FIL drinks his black, no cream no sugar, nothing. I want my cream and sugar, well my cream and Splenda I think coffee tastes bitter without it and I dont like it so much. I dont know how we found out stuff before the internet...I reckon we just had to settle for unanswered questions! ;)

marainey1 said...

I love it that you GOOGLED the phrase.  I'm always doing that too!  In years gone by we'd search the dictionary, the Thesarus and our old Encyclopedia set.  I should just throw them out now as  they never get used.  I am one of those 'black coffee' drinkers and do enjoy it that way.  You should frame those little notes you got in Georgia...they are precious GIFTS flor sure.  'On Ya' - ma

ora4uk said...

As I am NOT a coffee drinker...but hubby is....and from time to time he drank it black, with creamer, but never I am a cappachina (sp?) drinker...found one with no sugar...and I use one creamer in it....and I have never heard of Butternut Coffee....must be an area thingy????  and for sure...Google is a friend to all LOL...hugs....Ora

ora4uk said...

oh and PS....aren't those notes should frame them ... or for sure they would be on my fridge door....a keeper forever....LOL...Ora

ickivic said...

Those little notes are keepers.  How sweet!  I just bought the Coffeemate fat free French Vanilla and love it.  Vicki

woodmotorsports said...

Dont forget about the pics she put in your laptop bag for you guys and aunt Rachel.

breakaway1968 said...

Oh i know...isn't google great!  I used it all the time!

helmswondermom said...

You know I've often asked myself the same question -- what did we do before Google??
I love the notes.  Little girls are so sweet!
I don't remember that commercial, nor do I remember Butternut coffee.

gen0507 said...

Those little notes are precious.  I would frame them too.  I like my coffee black, but sometimes I put cream & sugar in it just for something different.


siennastarr said...

Love the notes from the granddaughter!  Things like that are priceless!

As for the "Butternut" coffee thing?  I was about to google the phrase when I read further that you had already done so.  
I don't know how we got along without google either!  I swear, ANYthing you want to know, you can find on the internet!


geocachelinda66 said...

I like the brand made in Louisiana, Community Coffee I believe its called.  I'll have to have my Mom mail me up some!  I like used the liquid flavored creamers.  French Vanilla is my favorite, but lately I've been using the seasonal flavors too.  Linda

lanurseprn said...

I also use those creamers in my coffee. They are so yummy! It makes my coffee feel like a treat!
Very sweet that you found those little love notes. How cute!

mutualaide said...

The library!  We used to go to the library before Google!

suzypwr said...

We never got some answers - which is why I love the internet! I can look up anything I want, and I can tell you, no cat has more curiosity than I do!

Lovely little notes - you will keep those forever :-)