Saturday, December 22, 2007

The pioneer woman, in my living room!

OK, OK.  So Ree was only on my television.  Still, it's pretty exciting to actually see her, and hear her talking.  She'll be on again:  Headline News, News To Me, 4:30 PM today, central time.  If you read Pioneer woman's blog, you'll want to see it; I'd say it's at least a five-minute segment. 

Oh yes, her family was there too.  And the horses were actually moving!

I'm so excited.

Maybe I need to get a life; I never thought I'd be caught dead taking pictures of my television screen.

Somebody just shoot me.


mutualaide said...

Well, if we just shot you, we wouldn't have you to entertain us with you sometimes funny and always interesting posts!

gen0507 said...

There's NO WAY that I would shoot you.  How would I learn anything without you???????  


gaboatman said...

I really laughed at your comments here.  I was not familiar with Ree but I followed the link and liked what I read.  Had I been following her journal for a long time, I would be just as excited.  Don't be so hard on yourself, LOL!

nanlynska said...

LOL.....Donna, I was JUST as excited !! Somehow I feel like I 'know' her. LOL. The interview was a HOOT ! And NO we will NOT shoot you !! We need you and your entertaining 'observations' and picturesque speech. Love ya gal !!

schoolgal040 said...

Yes I have read her blog and I love it! I will watch again and again her being on the tele. She is so fantastic!
Oh by the way, I took your advice and we ordered the Double Deep from Pizza Hut........SO GOOOOOOOOD! Thank you for suggesting it :)

Merry Christmas

breakaway1968 said...

LOL!~!  how funny!  I took a picture of my tv screen once when I was 8 lol It was of Arnold of "The Facts of Life!"  I was trying to convince my friend that I had seen him in person.  I was jealous of her because she had seen some star in real life!  Don't even remember who anymore. lol  It didn't work! :(  haha.  Don't ask me why I choose Arnold!   I wasn't even a fan of his...I think i thought it would be more believable if it were someone that we didn't really like.  That is funny tho I thought I was the only one who did that!

randlprysock said...


suzypwr said...

But you had fun - that is worth a lot!


fowfies said...

Nope, cant shoot you, you are too valuable to me! You are always posting great stuff!