Sunday, December 9, 2007

odds and ends

My post-surgery instructions allowed me to take a shower today; that improved my mood considerably.  If we lose electricity on Tuesday, which sounds like a distinct possibility, there'll be no showers:  A well supplies our water, and an electric pump is required to send that water through our faucets. 

Since we acquired the calves, the horses don't have access to any sort of shelter.  This is normally no biggie, because they usually refuse to use shelter even when it's available, anyhow.  However, we're getting freezing rain and sleet, with more to come; it wouldn't kill the horses, but we feel bad making them stand out in it.  So Cliff is out changing things around.  He's putting the calves in a lot with no automatic waterer, which means he has to fix up a water-tub with an electric heater to keep the water from freezing.  And then everybody will have sheds to get them out of the cold stuff. 

I'm recovering quite well and feeling very much "back to normal", although I am still taking it easy as per my instructions.

With the money squeeze everybody is going through these days, I'll share a couple of useful links that help me manage a little bit better.  I have these links on my other blog, but it never hurts to remind people of a helpful website.  One is "Hillbilly Housewife".  The other is "Living on a Dime".

In case some of you don't know about any Internet Radio Stations, I'll share the links of two I listen to:  Pandora and Jango.  On both of these, you select a singer whose sound you like, and a station is created with songs and singers in the same genre.  As the songs play, you can vote on whether you like them or not, and your station will change accordingly.  So far, there aren't commercials on either one.  So if you like some music with your surfing, check these out.


fierrorachel said...

At least, if the truck can get out, you could always shower here...even if by candle light!  

breakaway1968 said...

Sounds like your going through some terrible weather over your way.  HOpe nothing real bad!  Been enjoying the sites you shared today...thank you!  Stay warm and well!  

redpoppy007 said...

I am glad the horses will have shelter.  They feel the cold too!  good for Clift, I hate to see any animal left out in the elements.
I had a neighbor once who did that to a dog until we say something about it, and then he built a doghouse.

marainey1 said...

That will be some extra work for your hubby , but I'm sure you'll both feel better knowing that they have shelter if needed.  Glad all is going well with your recovery and thanks for the tips.  We all could use a little music in our lives and also some tips on how to spend less $$'s.  'On Ya' - ma

gen0507 said...

Donna you're the GREATEST!!!!!  I've seen on several journals....something about listening to Pandora......I didn't have a clue what they were talking about.   Thanks to YOU...I'm listening to it right now!!!  THANKS FOR SHARING ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!!  As you know I don't know much about the computer....but thanks to you I'm getting smarter!!!

Your weather & mine is so different.  It's about 74° here.  I learned how to make the degree symbol because of you too!!!  I've got the doors opened & the windows raised.  I wished it was cooler though.  It doesn't seem like it's close to Christmas with these temps.

I'm glad that you're still doing good.  You take care & keep informing us of anything new you learn.


lanurseprn said...

What if the electricity goes out and the water can't be heated in the water-tub? What do you do then?
I'm glad you are on the mend. That way you'll be ready for your rides on Blue in the Spring. DO you make the degree symbol??

fowfies said...

Its good to know you are being good and letting Cliff do what is needed for the animals. We are having some really mild weather here, like Hollie down there was saying...74. She only lives about 40 minutes from me, so we are both enjoying this weather. I hope you dont lose the electricity.

helmswondermom said...

Thank you for these neat links!

mutualaide said...

Oh, so very good of Cliff to switch things around for the managerie!  I haven't heard of those stations before but think I'll give a click!

csandhollow said...

I have been listening to AOL full CDs of Christmas music.

csandhollow said...

I have been listening to AOL full CDs of Christmas music.