Monday, December 17, 2007

A walk in the snow

I've been so anxious to get back to walking, and today I finally got out there!  Wearing boots and coveralls while walking in snow is pretty tiring, so we didn't go the regular full rounds.  But getting out in that sunshine was like medicine, and I was so glad to be able to do it.

Here you see Cliff attaching the seeder to the John Deere.  He had his work cut out for him, since he's never used it on this tractor. 

The "point" I talk about so much... it's the area you see in the first picture above, where Sadie is running... is made up of rather poor soil, and the grass growing there is mostly fescue, which leaves a lot to be desired.  If a legume like clover is interseeded with grass, nitrogen is created that actually fertilizes the grass and helps it grow better.

Every fall, Cliff and I will say we are going to buy a bag of clover seed ahead of time and broadcast it when there's snow on the ground.  That's the ideal way to plant red clover successfully (read HERE).  And every winter, after every snow, one of us will say, "Darn it!  We didn't get any clover seed!"

So last week I told Cliff, "Let's pick up some clover seed today; it's cheap enough; we can afford it."  Last time we bought clover seed it was about $30 for a bag.  I figured maybe with inflation, it might cost $50.

Alas, like everything else, it's gone sky-high. Ninety-eight bucks!

But the timing was right, because we got our snow the next day, just the right amount.  And Cliff went out today and planted our clover.  Here's hoping!

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madcobug said...

Good luck on the clover coming up. You wearing those coveralls makes me think of myself a few years ago when we went fishing in cold weather. I wore overhalls hunting. That was before people started wearing coveralls. Let us know if the clover comes up next spring. Helen

magran42 said...

That cabin is WONDERFUL no matter what the weather.

toonguykc said...

My dad is SO glad to be retired from farming.  I can't believe it did it for so long.


gen0507 said...

I enjoyed all the photos.  Thanks for sharing.  I also love the SNOW!  I sure wish we could get some, but it's very unlikely.  I'm glad you're out & about again.  


fierrorachel said...

Poor, annoying little Sadie.  I really like her, even though I tried not to.  LOL  Also, I'm glad you got out.  Thanks again for the past weekend.  It got me back into the spirit, and Brett had a great time, too.  We all did.  You have no idea how much we needed this.

dontyouwant2no said...

just stoping by to say I hope u have a good Christmas and newyear! I'm glad u are doing good!

randlprysock said...

Wow I had no idea clover would cost that much.  I will remember this tip with all the problems we are having with our back yard.  We sure could use some clover AND some new grass seed.  We put some down too late I think.  Hubby should have known that being a landscaper.  He's just too busy for his own good these days.  Love the snow pictures and Sadie and the cabin!!!