Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year (and resolutions)

For several years, I've made the same resolutions:  The first, to lose (or maintain) mine and Cliff's weight.  Yes, I am responsible for Cliff's weight loss.  I dole out his portions.  I fill his plate.  I cook the low-fat dishes.

That's one resolution that's usually kept, especially since April of 2006 when Cliff had open-heart surgery; that has been a great motivator.  We slipped this year, from before Thanksgiving through Christmas Day.  The day after Christmas we got back on track, and I'm happy to say I've lost four pounds and Cliff has lost seven already.  I thank God often for the resources available to me:  all the low-fat, low-salt recipes, the weight-watcher recipe books and others, and the vast amount of information to be found on the Internet.  I also thank God that my husband will eat pretty much anything I set before him!

A second resolution I always make is to read the Bible through in the course of the coming year.  Sometimes I get this done, sometimes not.  I have a one-year Bible that gives me an Old Testament passage, a New Testament passage, a Psalm, and some Proverbs.  If I miss a day or two, I'll usually play catch-up and read what I've missed.  If I miss several days, I'll just start back in on the reading for that particular day.

I'm going to try and stick with Flylady throughout this coming year.  I'll probably fail at this one, at some point; but hopefully I'll get back with the program after flailing around in my clutter for awhile.  Rather as I do with my Bible-reading, I won't try to catch up if I get too far behind; I'll just start in where I am.  As Flylady says:  "Keep in mind, you are not behind: you are just getting started. I don't want you to try to catch up, I just want you to jump in where you are.

I have resolved, in years past, to play my guitar and sing something every day.  This is one I've never come close to keeping, and this year I won't resolve.  If I play, I play.  If not, my guitar is ready and waiting.

Plans for the year that don't fall under resolutions:  I'll continue to ride my horse often.  Cliff and I will get away on the motorcycle every chance we get, often taking picnic lunches with us.  I do realize that plans have a way of falling apart in mid-flight at times, but we'll do what we can, while we can, to enjoy the rest of our stay here on earth.

For some reason, the old hymn, "Higher Ground", has been playing in my head for days.  Probably because it's on one of my Iris Dement CD's, with she and her mom singing it.

Even if you aren't  a Christian, there are some good resolutions for you in the lines of the song:

"My heart has no desire to stay where doubts arise and fears dismay;
Though some may dwell where these abound, I'm moving on to higher ground."

"I want to scale the utmost height and catch a gleam of glory bright."

"I want to live above this world."

I'm hoping this year I can leave the desert of envy, anger, grudge-holding, and self-centeredness, and step upward onto a higher plain of forgiveness, love, empathy, and caring. 

Even if it's only a foot higher:  "Lord, plant my feet on higher ground" in 2008.


marainey1 said...

That is a wonderful entry.  We should all aim for the 'higher ground' for sure. Happy New Year to you and Cliff.  May it be all you wish for !  'On Ya' - ma

ickivic said...

Happy New Year to you and Cliff, may it be a healthy one.  Thank you for sharing your family, animals, photos, gripes and triumphs for the year gone by.  I've enjoyed your journal so much.  Vicki

mutualaide said...

Happy New Year to you!

lanurseprn said...

Hope you have a great 2008!!

magran42 said...

I have always appreciated the way you put my thoughts into words.  Something I can't do.

bnanajm said...

Happy new year, my dear Donna

siennastarr said...

{{{Donna}}}}  God Bless you and yours in 2008.. and I agree wholeheartedly with what you said here, "I'm hoping this year I can leave the desert of envy, anger, grudge-holding, and self-centeredness, and step upward onto a higher plain of forgiveness, love, empathy, and caring."  A big AMEN to that!

Happy New Year!


jeff466 said...

Wishing the best for you and yours in 2008!  Happy New Year :)  Jeff

ksquester said...

Happy New Year Mo.........I love the lyrics to this song.  If fly lady could see my house right now, she'd fly into a rage or fly away.  Now I'm singing "I'll Fly Away!" Anne

gen0507 said...

Happy New Year.  Wonderful entry!


breakaway1968 said...

Great resolutions!  Congrats on losing that weight!  I still have not lost my weight from those two wonderful dinners!  

amy122389 said...

My New Years Resolutions always start out like this:  "I'm resolving to.....oh, nevermind."  Hee...


helmswondermom said...

I don't do resolutions, but I do like FlyLady and decided a few weeks ago that on January 1 I would start my Flying again.  I'm still just a Fly Baby, but I'm a Fly Baby with a shiny sink!  I am re-doing My Control Journal, too.  Maybe we can encourage one another!!