Sunday, December 30, 2007

Canine games

My daughter's dog, Hawkeye, is spending the weekend with us.  He's a house dog at home, but because of his tendency to sleep on furniture when nobody is looking, and the fact that he sheds enough hair daily to make a whole new dog, we're letting him run free outside when we're up and about; he's a very good boy, and enjoys the freedom of the country.  Amazingly, he doesn't follow the neighbor dogs off when they pass by.  Unlike my Sadie, he stays right here, and always comes when he's called.  At night, he's staying in Cliff's shop.  He isn't crazy about that idea, but he's coping. 

I try keep Chew-eez rawhide chews around for Sadie; one of those strips will last her several days.  In the morning when Cliff is awake, but still in bed drinking his coffee, Sadie finds her chewie and takes it in the bedroom, where she lays down on the floor beside the bed and gives it what-for until Cliff gets up.  When she gets down to the last inch or so of her chewie, she doesn't care for it any more, and I usually end up throwing it away.

So.  Yesterday morning I had Sadie on her tie-out, and Hawkeye was hanging around the door nearby.  I decided to give him that one-inch piece of chewie that Sadie never eats.  Suddenly, Sadie wanted that piece of rawhide!  How dare I give it to Hawkeye? 

She was protesting loudly, lunging at the end of her chain.

Hawkeye enjoyed this display, and made sure to stay just out of reach of Sadie's restraining chain while he chomped and chewed on the piece of leather she had originally rejected.

He made it look so tasty.

"Come on, Mom, no fair.  That's MINE!"

So I gave Sadie a brand new chewie of her own.  Guess what?  She still wanted the tiny, leftover piece that Hawkeye had, as you can see in the following video.  Notice that Hawkeye is not totally innocent, since he's obviously taunting Sadie, just out of reach.

Oh, by the way.  Once Hawkeye had finished the piece of chewie I'd given him, he then stole the brand new one I had given Sadie and devoured that, too.

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gaboatman said...

Awww, poor Sadie!  No, Hawkeye is no innocent party here, but you just gotta feel a bit for Sadie.  She just wants to keep what she thought was already hers.  Hawkeye enjoyed every second of this, LOL.

magran42 said...

They are just like children.  Or are we all like that, always wanting what we can't have?

marainey1 said...

Oh my, that Sadie sure wasn't a happy dog for sure.  I do bet Hawkeye will be glad when your daughter gets home...being outside is good for a while, but having been inside, I bet he is missing is couch.  I know my beagle would.  Nice that you could dog sit for him.  'On Ya'  - ma

gen0507 said...

That is hilarious!  Sadie was definately upset about it.  LOL

I haven't commented in a few  days because my computer got a virus.  So it had to go to the shop for a few days.  I lost everything on it, but thankfully it could be fixed.

I see that you have snow again.  I hope that you're still getting along good with that knee.


madcobug said...

This is so cute. They always want what is theirs and what is the other one's also. I give Patches her AllerG3 stick in the morning for her shedding. I give Daisy her chicken rawhide which she quickly gobbles up then she sits and wants Patches. Both my dog were leally looking at the computer when Sadie was barking LOL. Helen

breakaway1968 said...

That is funny!  My pom did the same thing.  He HATES eggs and when I try giving it to him it lays there on the floor...but as soon as Max comes to eat it He growls and lays on it.  He still won't eat it but he doesn't want max to have it either.  Dogs are hilarious sometimes!  Very cute dogs by the way!  

ora4uk said...

isn't that the way of it???   we always want what the other guy has...or so we think so!!!! LOL...poor Sadie....this intruder is ??? of lifes hard lessons to isn't always greener on the other side of the yard....LOLOL...Happy New Year to ya.....Hugs...Ora

randlprysock said...

OH my goodness you can get Sadie to chew on a rawhide for several days?!!  Wow that is great.  We've only found a few things like that ourselves.  I need to buy some Giant bones.  Sounds like an interesting weekend over there with guest Hawkeye!!!  Hugs,

plieck30 said...

They are acting like kids. lol That yard sure looks cold. I wonder what my Susie would think of snow. Paula

rdautumnsage said...

Pickles for some reason would rather toss around the cats toys than her own. My cats are lazy as can be the only time they want the toys is if they catch her playing with them. When that happens they look like kittens, tossing things around and playing. Pickles always seems content afterwards, as if she's responsible for getting them to move to begin with.(Don't tell them, but she actually does make them get a little work out once in awhile). Wishing you a wonderful, loving New Year all the year long. (Hugs) Indigo

ryanagi said...

That's too funny!

mutualaide said...

Such a silly dog!

suzypwr said...

Dogs are always happy to see us, always friendly, but just don't get the concept of "sharing." LMAO! Cute video :-)


siennastarr said...

LOL... that was cute Donna!  Just like a kid.. they always want what they can't have! ;p


ksquester said...

too funny!   Anne