Thursday, December 13, 2007

Weather-guessers crack me up!

After a major weather event like we've just been through, it seems as if the "meteorologists" start enjoying the limelight a little too much.  They hate to see all that attention wane.  After all, we've hung on their every word for four days now, watching for updates and school closings.  It has to be difficult to let go of that.

So here's the forecast for this weekend according to

Really doesn't look like anything to get excited about, does it?

Here's the weather forecast according to Fox 4.

Both mention snow, but it doesn't look to me like there's anything to get excited about.

So why is the Fox 4 weather-guesser screaming about snow coming, saying there WILL be some people shoveling, possibly 3 to 6 inches?

"Got another snow-maker headed our way!"

"If THAT wind on the coast hits THAT system, there's going to be a lot more than I'm predicting!"

"Potential snowfall!  Most of the area will see 1 to 3 inches; fairly good chance some of the metro will pick up six inches!"

It cracks me up!


madcobug said...

It's gonna be cold reguardles of where there is any snow or not. Maybe it will miss you since all that ice found where you live. Helen

breakaway1968 said...

You can never trust the weather people can ya!!??  Hope you don't end up getting tons of snow out of this.  

lowis6535 said...

    I'm surprised (& happy) to hear that you have your electrical power still on.  With all that ice! (I keep checking up on you.)  My aunt south of Okalahoma City has been in the heart of the ice damage; her home's area has underground electrical lines ... she never lost power there.
    THE WEATHERCASTERS: You can just hear that certain, gleeful tone in their voice when they, in their nice, warm office can lay a bomb of a forecast!

lanurseprn said...

They get all excited around here if we get a touch of rain. It cracks me up 'cause if we get more than 2 hours of rain we go on "Storm Watch." It's soooo stupid!

ora4uk said...

I emailed our favorite station to watch....and told them ... whatever you are paying your weather is tto much!!!!.....they never get the weather correct....and everything they say is "it's possible"....well of course it's possible...anything is possible....LOL?????  hugs...Ora

gen0507 said...

Brrrr...those temps!!!!  


fowfies said...

They just want it to sound exciting and newsworthy, it is their job, lol.

myannmar said...

Well, they say in NNY we "may" be getting a nor'easter on Sunday.
Will let you know.

fierrorachel said...

Well, it MIGHT snow 275", or it might not snow at all.  That's correct, isn't it?  LOL  Yeah, they're all stupid.